First Time for Everything  

Posted by Jackson

Technically, this isn't my first time blogging. I still remember the days when I put crappy posts on my MSN myspace.

Actually, I don't even know the real reason I started this blog. Maybe it's to keep my friends and family updated, or maybe it's because I see all my frens blogging and I feel left out.

Well enough said. I was squeezing my brain juice dry just to think of a nice way to start my introduction post. Had several suggestions from my friends but I found a nice way in the end. Well here goes.

Currently, I am furthering my studies abroad in the States at Embry-Riddle.

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No, that's not my school uniform. It's my uniform for my on campus job. I'm dirt poor so I have no choice but to work. My job goes from changing a light bulb to fixing furnitures. Yes, furnitures.

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Yea stuff like that. It is a pretty nice place to work at as the times are flexible. You go in to work whenever u want. I have a pretty nice boss to, except for the fact that he looks like he could squash you with 1 hand and always look busy.

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Yea his name is Rob. Other person I usually work with is Tom.

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He was nice enough to pose for me by his beautiful locker. Notice the flower ribbons? My co-workers and I put them on his locker to make it look "prettier."

That's about it for my work place. As I do not have too many pictures of my school yet, I'll show you guys something interesting I saw in my class the other day.

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Can't read it? Here, let me help.

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Notice the sprinkler on the top left corner of the picture? Haha yea that was written on the ceiling. The person who wrote that was definitely right. My class definitely sucked. But if you think about it, whoever wrote that thing, his class must suck even more.

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how the heck did he left the leftover stuff on the ceiling. lol
and heck if want to leave comment have to login to google account so damn mafan. can't use open id i have no idea why.

Hahaha wtf i go see if can set in my settings