Four Sure Fire Ways To Ace Your Tests  

Posted by Jackson

With the exam season rapidly approaching, common slackers like me often wonder if there are any shortcuts that could let us avoid burning all that midnight oil cramming formulas into our head.

Well, fear not for I have devised 4 ways to ace your exams

1. Writing notes on your arm.

With the average number of student in a college class going up to almost a hundred, you can always wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket and hide all that notes written on your arms. Just make sure you don't sweat too much.

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2. Putting notes in your shoe/flip flops.

Pretend you are thinking of the solution and just take a quick glimpse down on notes you left in your shoe/flip flops.

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3. Hiding a slip on your pencil.

This is an old school trick but nevertheless still proven effective.

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4. Turning your head to either left or right.

Yes by that I mean take a look at your neighbor's paper. Let the suckers do all the studying. Just make sure that your exam is not specified closed neighbors.

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