I Have The Craziest Friends  

Posted by Jackson

So Monday was a holiday so me and my housemates decided to have a small get together at night. Just a simple dinner of sorts. Chris decided to made ribs. Soft spare ribs. Ribs so soft they literally fall off the bone, if there was any bone to fall off from. He cooked them for over 10 hours.

After the dinner, they hung around and chilled for a bit and we started talking about things a person couldn't do. Like eating 7 salted crackers in under one minute. Or eating a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Guess who stood up to the challenge? Earl did. The very same guy who challenged the 7 salted crackers but failed. Was sad though because I did not have my camera with me then and I could not record the thing but it was hilarious. Oh well here's a video of him chugging a tea spoon of cinnamon.

Ok, if you think that was bad, wait till you watch the next clip. God I swear the man has no taste buds. But nevertheless, he gained all our respect for what he did. Enjoy ^^

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