Dancing Terrorist  

Posted by Jackson

My school held this fun raising event, where people pay 5 dollars to join. There's food, games, prizes, and dancing. All the profit are going to the orphanage near our school. It was Saturday night and since I had nothing to do, I decided to attend the event to pass time.

During the dancing session, I noticed this fellow dancing in a really funny way. My friends and I were laughing at him like jackasses and I decided to record it on my phone.

Well, I know I went overboard calling him a terrorist and I shouldn't have. Just because he looks like one, talks like one, smells like one, and acts like one, that doesn't give me the right to call him a terrorist.

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Even if he is constantly talking about bombs and sneaking stuff out of the chemistry lab doesn't justify my baseless accusations of him being a terrorist. Ok shit I'm going way off topic.

Anyway here's the video of the dancing terrorist fag. guy

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3 stiches

hahaahahah that hilarious, well anywayz i don't need a visa to go to malaysia

gim too blurry i cant see anything.. next time use ur camera record ma

forgot bring camera, how come u only person that cant see anything