America, A Land of Wonders - Sex, Drugs, Guns, Violence - You Name It, They Got It.  

Posted by Jackson

Been about time since I've done a real entry. I'm sure the few readers that I had would have probably deleted the link of my blog since I've practically ceased to stop posting and only been doing cheap Copy & Paste here lately.

Partly because I've been going out, doing stuff, and hanging out with friends. But it came to hit me how little I've done over the past 4 months once I realized that I am going back to Daytona Beach, the land dreaded by most males where you become more prone to Riddle Vision, even more so even if you are attending a university called ERAU.

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If only I had more time, or maybe if only I applied to Australia instead of Land of Wonders, things could have been different. Should have probably named this post "If only I had 26 hours in a day."

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