Riddle Vision  

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After coming to Embry-Riddle for such a long time. I fear for the fact that I might have contracted a terminal disease known as Riddle Vision. For those of you that have not heard of this fearsome disease, here's the definition. And apparently, it can only be contracted by guys.

Riddle Vision

A widespread and contagious ailment found in male students attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. This illness is more apparent in the Prescott, Arizona campus. The condition usually starts at the moment the male student steps foot on campus. The interpretation and standards regarding the physical attractiveness in women drops dramatically, causing every female individual to be “hot”, “cute”, "good looking", or "not bad".

For example, prior to “Riddle Vision”, a female is rated 5/10 in attractiveness. When “Riddle Vision” is present, the same female is rated 10/10. This condition explains the reasoning why all Embry-Riddle male students are extremely horny and ERAU female students take full advantage of this by using extreme pimpette skills.

"Dude, I think Barbara Streisand is so freakin' hot. I have an extreme case of Riddle Vision."

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I am coming back to Malaysia this summer in hopes of curing this disease eventhough chances are slim.

For more information on Riddle Vision, go here.

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