Night Out With Hannah  

Posted by Jackson

Friday night, my friend Thong Kai asked me to go with him for dinner at Planet Hollywood in KL to go see Hannah Tan. It took us only 20 minutes to reach KL with his driver's speeding safe driving. But the traffic jam in KL itself caused us to take another 20 minutes to reach our destination.

When we got there, it was still a little too early to go down to the bar so we ordered dinner and ate upstairs. I am already sick of western food after eating all the same crap in US for 8 months and Kai tricked convinced me that they will have some none western food. How foolish of me to trust him

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These junk food cost us RM 80 after Citibank credit card discount. KNN, might as well go eat jap food.

After the bar opened, we went downstairs. We were told that the event starts at 10 and I thought I would get to see Hannah sing. Next thing I know, Hannah just went up as the Emcee and left the stage. Most of the time, the stage looks like this.

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We sat there for around 1 hour screaming at each other over the loud musics just to get a few words across to each other while inhaling all that toxic fresh tobacco smoke.

In the end, we left and before we did, we stopped by Hannah's table to say Hi and talked for a bit before we leave while I took two pathetic some photos.

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I wonder if he's day dreaming or just too high.

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Who's this useless guy trying to pretend to be shy and sitting so far from Hannah. Get closer la WTF!!.

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Yay Hannah T !!
Hahaz, btw your hair looks not bad :p

Lol tq, when u free can come out?

lol, you here until when?