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My old friend is actually quite young. Forgive me for my lame pun. I haven't seen Sheryl for more than 1 year. Well I do talk to her online but I haven't seen her for so long that if it wasn't for her msn picture, I might have forgotten how she looked like.

I took the train there because I don't know the way there and I am just too lazy I want to help preserve the environment and reduce global warming.

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See how "efficient" the trains in Malaysia are. ONLY 19 minutes interval.

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Seeing this reminds me of my college days.

So here's a picture of my friend Sheryl

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Oops, here's a more recent picture that I took on the day we went to meet up.

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I prefered her with long hair though. She asked me not to post this picture coz she thinks she looks really bad for not sleeping the night before but I did anyway. God knows what she was doing the entire night.

We watched 'What Happens In Vegas' and it was better than I expected.

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For those of you who are looking for a movie with a good laugh and a touching ending, this is a must watch.

Now comes the highlight of the post. After the movie and lunch, we stopped by Sheryl's house to charge her phone. We walked there because it was just right across the street from Mid Valley.

Yeap, it is a super fabulous condo. Heck you need a key and a password to enter your house.

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Nice dining area...

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Nice living room...

and a fucking nice tv...

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I can almost hear it calling out to me. I didn't take any pictures of the room because after seeing this, I was mysteriously pushed down against my will on to the couch and started watching tv. The only thing missing was a PS3.

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