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Posted by Jackson

I have been posting nothing but rubbish lately so I am finally posting something normal again.

I went rock climbing last Wednesday with 2 of my friends at Summit. We originally planned to go Camp 5 at 1 Utama but they were only open at 2 and we reached there at 12. That was only the minor reason we left. Main reason was it would cost us almost RM 200 to climb the whole day and we don't feel like burning a hole in our pockets when we are just beginning to learn rock climbing.

So after driving all the way to 1 U, we drove all the way back to summit because petrol is just so cheap.

After we reached there, we got lost for 15 minutes trying to find the indoor rock climbing gym. First time go summit mar, sorry for being mountain turtle lor.

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But it was much cheaper here, only cost us RM 30. But the place looks a bit run down IMO.

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Looks like a lot of people hanged themselves together right?

After a short lesson we began climbing rocks...

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Who's that spiderman wannabe?

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I landed on my butt the first time I tried to hop down the wall like a S.W.A.T. member. Somehow I had the feeling my belayer dropped my faster when I neared the floor on purpose.

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Nah, this is my belayer. And I am supposed to trust him with my life. He looks like he haven't eaten anything for three days.

All in all That just made me sound like I am typing my high school english essay. Anyway, for those of you who want to go rock climbing, screw camp 5, cheap and run-down at summit is the way to go man. Hooray for poor people.

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Omg.. the spidey must be u! Lolz..

Coz you said just you and your friend going ma.. Lol